1. How can I contact you?
    You can contact us by our phones, web form or e-mail.
  2. Do you cover the entire world with your transport and logistics?
    Yes, we can organize shipment for you from any location worldwide to any location, also worldwide.
  3. Do you offer pick up and delivery service?
    Yes, we need from you exact information about pick up and delivery points of the shipment. Also, we need complete paper work (documents) for the goods (shipment) that will be transported.
  4. Can my shipment be insured and to how much?
    It is possible to insure your shipment with any of the major insurance agencies, and to how much, really depends on the evaluation of your shipment done by insurance agents.
  5. Can you take care of shipment's packing?
    Yes, if you want, we can do complete packing of your shipment or goods. We will do so according to the all regulations.
  6. What is chargeable weight ?
    It is measure unit expressed in kgs, which serves for air freight charges quotation. Volume of the shipment / ratio 1:6 / is always considered. In other words, total volume in cm3 is divided by 6000. If the result is higher then actual weight of the shipment, then we take that result for quotation, not the actual weight. If the result is lower, then we take actual weight to quote air freight charges.
  7. Is it possible to transport pets and what is the procedure?
    Yes, transporting pets is possible in the special cages which provide safety and comfort for the animals during the trip. You must have documents necessary for export and import procedures. Also you need veterinary certificate issued by competent veterinary authorities and vaccine confirmation not older than 7 days. This kind of transports have very high priority at the customs.
  8. Can you send shipments on "dry ice"?
    Yes, we are specialized for that kind of shipments. Most of the time we send specially sensitive shipments of medical and diagnostic specimens. Whole time, during the transport, they must be kept at very low temperatures.
  9. Can you transport art and antiques?
    Yes we can do it but we must have approval and licence from appropriate ministry. It is necessary to do exact specification of the shipment as well as proper packing.
  10. Can you organize transport of fresh fruit and vegetables?
    We can organize that kind of transport with mandatory cooperation with RCM. RCM has cold storages that are necessary for keeping sensitive goods.
  11. Does your trucks transport have "TIR" certificate?
    Yes, all trucks that we use for transporting our shipments have "TIR" certificate which allows them to cross international borders fast and safely.